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Philographer's Screed

screed.   /skrēd/


  1. 1.

    a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious.

    "her criticism appeared in the form of screeds in a local film magazine."

  2. 2.

    a leveled layer of material (e.g., cement) applied to a floor or other surface.​


  1. level (a floor or layer of concrete) with a straight edge using a back-and-forth motion while moving across the surface.

My Words 

What is the epistemology of my written words? How do I form them as a screed for my thinking? Long thoughts turned into long-winded screeds in my mind's eye, and yet I must ask if I am lying to my soul. Is the premise in which I touch pen to paper true, or is it another distraction of the ego in a world of unguided and undisciplined egos? Returning to the time of exposition, I am inspired by those who looked forward to the truth to take them where it ultimately leads. 


Gratefulness is the ability to admire and respect the works of those who impact your thoughts, words, and deeds. It is in this admiration that I have learned to identify thinkers who have impacted my life and writing.  It is in this discovery in which I have been able to synthesize their words and find reflections that reverberate in my own creative process. Four specific works have created a backstop for my logic and creativity. In these four works of brilliance a framework for analysis and assessment anchors my thoughts. It is through this lens that I learn to enjoy the creative works of others, and thier works allow me to appreciate the journey in which my written words take me.

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